Re:Humanities ’15


I have been accepted to the Re:Humanities ’15 Conference this April 9-10 at Swarthmore College. I will be presenting a paper entitled “Digital Distant Reading.” The slogan this year is “Save. Share. Self-Destruct.”

Here is the list of topics touched upon at this year’s symposium:
* Criticism of new media technologies and practices
* Archiving of personal and academic texts and literatures through new technologies and media
* Collaboration and solidarity in the digital humanities
* Hybrid practices, interdisciplinary media, and subversion of cultural and political norms
* Intersections between academic research and a public audience
* Public preservation of histories and cultures
* Risk, trial, and error in new media
* Privacy: digital footprints, cloud storage, and Big Data
* Self-destructing data and Do Not Track technology
* Identity as shaped by excessive information or data deprivation

The keynote speakers this year are Wendy Hsu and Whitney Trettien.

You can follow the conference on Twitter @rehumanities and #rehum15.


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