First Post


I always have trouble writing my first post when I create a new blog. Generally, I find that the best option is to introduce myself, so I suppose I should do that now. My name is Mae Capozzi and I am a senior at Skidmore College. I study English and Italian. I usually study Victorian literature, but I fell in love with Ulysses last semester. My senior capstone paper was called “Joycean Babeling: Scattered Language in ‘Oxen of the Sun.'”

I have created this blog as a NY6ThinkTank Fellow. This is the goal of the Fellows Program:

The goal of the program is to explore the surprising and often overlooked ways in which the Arts and Humanities play a part in the lives of today’s students. Fellows therefore get to express how students are reshaping, remixing, or reapplying the Arts and Humanities in new ways. They get to create projects that give shape to how students are using ideas, concepts, aspects derived from the Arts and Humanities to alter society, business, education, culture, politics, or other realms.

You can also find me at I share that blog with Professor Scott Enderle. It documents a digital humanities project we worked on in the summer of 2014 called “A Distant Reading of Empire.” You can also follow me on twitter @MCapoz.

This blog will document my thoughts on the literature and theory I read. It will consist of my immediate impressions along with some of my more polished work as well.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts. I would love to start a conversation with anyone who is interested in what I have to say and I always welcome discussion.


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